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Ó 1992 D. A. Jacobs




The Burying Point Cemetery in Salem Massachusetts


A tour guide pointing out graves near “The Hanging Tree”




The Burying Point Cemetery in Salem Massachusetts draws people by the thousands because of the Salem witch trials. Many have no idea what they are looking at or why these symbols were carved on these stones. On occasion I will overhear comments by visitors and if they are worthy (friendly, curious, open minded and non judgmental) I will explain the significance of the carvings on the stones and enlighten them.  To some it opens up a whole new world and adds another level of insight and joy to their visit. Some are amazed to find this is not limited to Salem and start a out on new quest maybe in their own backyards, to find  such carvings.


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      Joseph Lamb        Young Thomas Smith      Peggy Crosby            Elizabeth Forest             Unknown Angel




     William Goodhue            Mercy Goodhue             Daniel Curtis               The Children of Timothy Lindall



     Timothy Lindall                        Maverick Pratt                     James Jeffreys                           John Pratt     



              Ellas Pratt                           Ruth Webb                         Zackus Barton                       Josiah Peele



         Robert Peele                             Mary Adam                        Sally Grant                           Sally Ashby     



         George Ropes                       3 Glover Children                Nathanael Ward                    Simon Pitman




           Jon Archer                     Margaret Parkman                Elizabeth Hood                       Sarah Hood



           Anna Burrill                    Abilgale Pickman              John Nutting          William & Elianor Hollingworth




     William Bowditch                   Sarah Gardener            3 Infant Hould Children              Samuel Page


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 A very tired Jessie at the entrance of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial where a tribute of stone benches  was erected in 1992 to pay tribute to those hanged or in the case of Giles Corey crushed to death during the those horrific days of the Salem Witch trials when anything different or coincidental was judged as witchcraft and punishable by death!



     Abilgale Bishop         Sarah Good         Elizabeth Howe    Susanna Martin



   Rebecca Nurse       Sarah Wildes          George Burroughs       Martha Carrier



    George Jacobs            John Proctor              John Willard           Alice Parker



  Giles Corey and his wife Martha Corey       Mary Easty            Mary Parker    



             Ann Pudeator               Wilmot Redd                  Margaret Scott                Samuel Wardwell


The trials - a scene from the Salem Wax Museum



May God bless the souls of those poor people falsely

accused and murdered in the name of ignorance…


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